Air Hogs Star Trek U.S.S Enterprise Drone

Air Hogs Star Trek U.S.S Enterprise DroneJust in time for the 50th Anniversary of the original Star Trek TV series, as well as the premiere of the movie Star Trek Beyond, the very first flying drone of the starship enterprise has been launched by Air Hogs.

This is not the TV Show Enterprise star ship, rather it is the NCC-1701 from the motion pictures, and that makes a big difference for anyone who is a true Trekkie nerd.


Pricing Info

Manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $130, but you can probably pick up the Star Trek Enterprise Drone for less online.

Age Range

The recommended age for this flying drone is 10+

For Star Trek fans, the fact that this is the first ever version of the Enterprise that actually flies this will be a have-to buy souvenir.  Even children who are just starting to discover Star Trek through the new movies might also be fascinated by it. For the serious Drone enthusiast, this most likely is not on their radar although some of them could be interested in the unique design which sets up far apart it from the typical drones available on the market.

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Thumbs Up Points

A good amount of care and attention has been devoted to this flying toy to make it look authentic. For example, it has 10 different Light and sound functions including a phaser and warp factor sound.

Even though it is longer and sleeker looking than the usual quadcopter it is still based on the same principles, but to get the Star Trek look they have hidden the spinning propellers in the main saucer section of the Enterprise.

Though it doesn’t look particularly durable some consumers who have flown it said in their online reviews that they have crashed it a number of times with no damage.

Thumbs Down Points

If you have never before flown a quadcopter or drone it might take some time to get used to the controls and will probably result in a few crashes. We would suggest limiting your flying to indoor use at first before boldly going outdoors with it. Some reviewers are speculating that it will become a collector’s item so you might want to keep it in nice condition just in case.

What Consumers Are Saying

The average rating on when we checked was 3.5 out of five stars.

This is fun, but not for kids. I had a blast flying it even though it takes time to learn how to fly it. It also makes an excellent display item for your collection.

Flight is very stable, for what it is, but there’s some minor quality issues – like for example sometimes with the throttle stick in the off position, it doesn’t turn off the motors, which is a problem.

Personally, I think this is fine, but it could be a problem if you are out at the park away from your car. In that case, you’ll probably want to bring along a small pocket USB charger with battery.

Value in a Nutshell

The $130 MSRP price tag is fairly expensive for a quadcopter, but we recently saw it on Amazon for $124, so that is much better in our opinion. Of course, you can get drones with built-in cameras that work well for the same price. What you are paying for here is the unique Star Trek design and maybe a quadcopter that will become a collector’s item in the future. It also makes a nice display piece. For Star Trek fans or Drone Collectors I don’t see the cost being an issue.

Product Availability

Spin Master and their flying RC vehicle Air Hogs range is available in most Toy Shops, collectors and RC Stores as well as big online stores such as Amazon. Amazon is always worth taking a look as you can read the most up to date reviews from genuine users.

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And in Conclusion

Your mind is probably already made up if you are a serious Trekkie and anything we say will probably not deter your purchase of this Star Trek Enterprise Quadcopter. Those interested in TV collectibles might want to speculate and pick this up as a collector’s item.

In our considered opinion, Air Hogs got the design bang on. To see your own real-life miniature version of the Starship U.S.S Enterprise NCC-1701A cruising through the air boldly going where no man has gone before is truly awesome!

Star Trek Enterprise Drone

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