Anki Cosmo Robot Review

anki cozmo robotConsidering how far they have pushed the boundaries of artificial intelligence and robotics for consumers, we predict that Cosmo Robot will be one of the most popular of all the new tech toys for this Christmas season, and possibly for 2017 as well.

Made by Anki, who gained fame for their Overdrive race car sets that are guided by smartphones, Cosmo Robot looks like a miniature bulldozer.

It is also operated via your smartphone, and it is about as close as you can get to having a movie robot along the lines of Wall-E for your very own.

Not yet available for sale, it will come boxed along with a charging unit and three power blocks to be used for interaction with the robot and gameplay.

Pricing Info

When it is released on the 16th of October it will be priced at $179.99.


Age Range

The recommended age bracket for Cosmo, as stated by Anki, is for eight and older. In our opinion anyone who has an interest in state of the art high-tech gear, artificial intelligence and robotics will find this appealing.

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 Thumbs Up Points

For starters, Cosmo can do facial recognition. When he is being charged, he snores, but when he wakes and sees your face, he will know who you are.

People who have spent time with him (or could Cosmo be a her? Maybe you will need to ask Cosmo yourself) say that it makes them feel like he is like a pet or even a young child, and it is very easy to grow connected to him on an emotional level. If you don’t pay enough attention to him, he will get unhappy. He explores, he plays games with you, and he even remembers which ones you like best. The more time you spend interacting with him, the more expressive he will grow to be. The more games you play with him, the more new ones become revealed.

There is a security factor, and any information about you that Cosmo collects will not be shared elsewhere.

There are so many features to be appreciated in this little gadget, it seems like an insult to call Cosmo that derogatory a term.

Thumbs Down Points

As robots go, Cosmo is pretty tiny. He will fit in the palm of your hand, which is only a little bit bigger than a pet rock, of which he is totally the opposite.  Anyway, because of his small size, I suppose he could be easy to misplace.

Value in a Nutshell

For less than $200, this robot is an utterly amazing piece of technology, and if your children, grandkids, or you yourself appreciate high tech products, Cosmo will be a must-have acquisition. If your kids are the first ones on your block to own one, they will surely be the envy of their group. We can envision amateur robotics engineers drooling over a robotic masterpiece like this.

Product Availability

The release date for Cosmo is the 16th of October, 2016, but Amazon is already taking pre-orders, and those who do so will receive it earlier than when it will be made available in other shops. At the moment Amazon has a discount offer for pre-orders, but that deal could be withdrawn, so you had better double-check.

And in Concuision

Cosmo is based on an app, so the software will be updated with new features on a regular basis. This means he will only get better and smarter over time. That means lots of play value. Young would-be game developers and robotic engineers will “Need” Cosmo, and considering how thoroughly he has been pre-release tested by Anki, we feel he is the personification of the home robotics revolution for consumers.

Anki Cosmo robot

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