Barbie Hello Dream House Review

Barbie Hello Dream House ReviewThe Hello Barbie Dream House was first introduced by its manufacturer, Mattel, at New York’s 2016 International Toy Fair. This is a smart home that has wifi and you can control it simply by using voice commands. There are six rooms that not only have an elevator connecting the floors, but you can activate it with a mobile app. Barbie, meet Siri.

The Barbie Hello Dream House will afford kids with a more technological play experience, controlling this 21st century doll house with voice commands. Barbie also acquires a drone this year.

One of the systems Barbie Hello Dream House has that can be regulated with voice commands is the lighting. This feature puts on the lights of the smart house upon decoding the voice command. Other detailed commands such as “getting ready for school” take on numerous activities that are connected with getting ready to go to school, including turning on the lights in the bathroom and making it sound like there is water running in the shower.

Kids are able to tell the elevator to move to the floor where Barbie is waiting. The Dreamhouse even has a festive mode. When it is party time, the lights can flash and the music gets happening. Not only that, but the stairway changes into a slide so party goers can swish their way down to where things are swinging.

Pricing Details

When Barbie Hello Dream House is eventually offered for sale, which is slated to be in the Autumn of 2016, it is estimated that the price tag will be in the area of $300.

Age Range

Barbie Hello Dream House is for the most part being marketed to only children. We suspect the reason for this may be because parents with only one child will be more inclined to be wishing to purchase gifts that are toys to prevent boredom and occupy the individual for extended periods of time.

Thumbs Up Points

The numerous benefits and features of this house and the hi-tech functionality should give a significant amount of play time from this new Barbie offering.

Voice command technology provides a most updated version of playtime fun for children in a wide age range.

Thumbs Down Points

This Barbie Smart Home appears to be a winner with younger children but there will doubtless be parents who are reluctant to give a young child internet access.

Value in a Nutshell

When one takes into account the great variety of numerous features Barbie Hello Dream House offers to consumers, it is worth the $300 it is expected to be selling.

Product Availability

The dream house will be available to purchase starting in the Autumn of 2016. The shopping outlets are yet to be announced but you can be guaranteed it will be available at Amazon and other shopping online sites.

And in Conclusion

The dream house has more advantages than disadvantages, bearing in mind that you can keep off the mobile application control from your child, the Barbie Hello Dream House will be a great gift that parents and grandparents can gift to children in the Christmas season to come.

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