Barbie RC Hoverboard Review

Barbie RC Hoverboard

There is a new Barbie movie coming up, the space fantasy Barbie Star Light Adventure, and in it the heroine is a cosmic princess who joins up with a team of friends who ride hoverboards and save the galaxy. So you guessed it, this is a real flying hoverboard that a model Barbie can ride as she flies through the air.

The Remote Control Barbie Hoverboard flies and is controlled much in the same way as a drone or quadcopter, and when kids have seen the movie, chances are pretty good they will want their own RC toy.

Pricing Information

Mattel has priced their Barbie Star Light Adventure Flying RC Hoverboard Doll at $59.99, and that is the price we found it online at, where free shipping is also available for qualified shoppers.

Age Range

The recommended age bracket Mattel says is for eight and over. If parents supervise the usage, kids even younger could also enjoy this toy.

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What Consumers Are Saying

There were not very many reviews online, because this product has only just become available, and the opinions were mixed.

A little hard to control, but with some practice, you will be a pro in no time.

For $59.99, it may seem like it’s a cheaply made toy, but it’s suppose to be very light so that it can actually fly and hover around. Still may seem a bit expensive. However it really does fly and hover around.

I followed all instructions, got everything charged and synched. As as soon as I press the blue ‘hover’ button, the doll flips over and skims across the floor. After ‘resetting’ her, she hovers for a second and turns off automatically.

Thumbs Up Points

It’s an excellent looking toy, as you would expect anything in the Barbie line to be. The hoverboard, Barbie’s wardrobe and the remote control unit are stylish in blue and pink.

Operating the remote and hoverboard seem pretty simple and direct to do, and take-offs and landings and moving about in all directors operates in a straight forward way. There are three pre-sets. Just push a button and it does different stunts. You charge it with a USB Cable that it comes with. We have heard of some quadcopters and drones having a steep learning curve, but the way this toy has been designed, a newcomer should pick the skill up easily.

Thumbs Down Points

Barbie is stuck to the hoverboard. You can’t take her off. Also, Barbie is not the kind of doll you expect. She is crafted from a light weight foam. Of course, if she were any heavier she would not be able to fly the way she can.

Noise is also an issue. Quadcopters are not the most quiet of toys, and Hoverboard Barbie does raise quite the racket.

We were not able to test this toy ourselves and have to rely on the observations of others. Nobody, that we could find, has said anything about how long Barbie RC Hoverboard will keep flying before the batteries need to be recharged. This could be problematic depending on the answer.

Value in a Nutshell

Mattel has a good reputation for building products that will last, and this toy ought to be fairly durable. Whether or not you think it is worth the sixty dollar cost point will probably depend on the Barbie Star Light Adventure movie, and how much kids like it.

Product Availability

The Barbie line has been popular forever, and this one is sure to be no exception, with availability widespread at most toy stores as well as online. Amazon has it now, where you can also check to see if any more reviews have been posted yet.

And in Conclusion

Mattel could be making a risky move transmuting Barbie, the former cover girl and fashion model into a hoverboard riding science fiction action hero. Chances are good that the enormous success of Barbie will survive the futuristic transition and this will appeal not only to old time Barbie lovers but a generation of new fans as well.

Barbie RC Hoverboard

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