Barbie Star Light Adventure Galaxy Barbie and Flying Cat Review

Barbie Star Light Adventure Galaxy Barbie and Flying CatFans of the space fantasy movie The Barbie Star Light Adventure are going to want to remember the film with their very own Galaxy Barbie doll that comes with her own flying cat named Hover. In the motion picture, the pair visit various outer space locations and encounter many fascinating and colorful individuals en route. Thee are times when their excursions put them in some degree of peril. Barbie and Hover are unquestionably heroes who can be praised for saving the universe, over and over again.  Now, this Mattell playset lets fans of Hover Cat and Barbie recreate their adventures or spin their own imaginative tales.

Pricing Information

The Galaxy Barbie set is slightly more expensive than most Barbie dolls, tagged at about $24.99, but this toy has a lot more special features. When you take into account the faithful recreation of the Barbie character in the movie it is easy to understand this toy is priced just about right.

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Age Range

Mattell is surely targeting kids who enjoyed the movie of the Barbie Star Light Adventure, however  even Barbie fans who didn’t see the film would love this doll. If you are a fan of Tone Classic Barbie though –with her beautiful dresses and cute accessories – maybe you should give this one a miss. Galaxy and Hover are meant for fans and collectors with a sense of adventures, who doesn’t have an issue with the blonde icon getting her hands dirty and putting herself in dangerous situations.

Thumbs Up Points

Especially nifty is that Hover the cat can actually fly. The action is controlled by a button located on Barbie’s leg. All you do is put the leash of the cat in Barbie’s hand. Then simply push the button and watch with wonder as the cat flies all across the room. There are propellers on the cat that get activated when you push the button.  This is an awesome feature because it can stimulate the imaginations of kids for storytelling and creativity.

Galaxy Barbie, the star of the show, is out of this world.  This incarnation of the doll icon has her decked out in a futuristic but fabulous pink jumpsuit. A shiny holographic vest, plastic skirt, blue utility belt, blue star hair clip and silver boots complete Barbie’s look. If you thought that the cat needed some rest from all that flying, you can take her out from her spacesuit.

Thumbs Down Points

We do not have much that we do not appreciate about Barbie Star Light Adventure. As stated above, if you are expecting a classic Barbie then this one won’t be your cup of tea. Also, the doll cannot stand on her own. This could be a slight problem for anyone who likes to display their collection in a particular way.

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What Consumers Are Saying

There were only three online reviews when we looked for them on, and they were all quite positive. Here is a typical excerpt:

fun for a while and something I think might become a rare collectible someday.

Her vinyl skirt, metallic vest and boots are all removable.

She entertained both my son and daughter. I like her as a collectible.

Value in a Nutshell

Even thought it may be a wee bit pricier than most Barbie dolls, this is still worth the investment because of its many cool features. And who can say “no” to a flying cat?

Product Availability

This new toy is available in stores wherever Barbie dolls are sold and at online outlets including Amazon.

And in Conclusion

Barbie Star Light Adventure Galaxy Barbie and Hover Flying Cat are ideal for Barbie fans and collectors of all ages.

Barbie Star Light Adventure Galaxy Barbie and Hover Cat


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