Review of Elena of Avalor Storytime Guitar

Elena of Avalor Storytime GuitarElena of Avalor is the newest princess in the wonderful world of Disney. Her adventurous and bold spirit will inspire children and her qualities as a positive role model will have their parents nodding in agreement. Elena is compassionate and filled with courage, and those are only a few of the qualities of note that one hopes both boys and girls will emulate. She is intelligent also, and has a keen sense of humor. To top if off, she has musical talents, is adept at playing the guitar and sings like a princess. Now, thanks to this Storytime Guitar, her fans can play and sing just like Elena of Avalor. Well, so they and their parents hope, anyway.

Pricing Information

With a price point of $39.99 the Elena of Avalor Storytime Guitar costs about what would be expected, particularly when you factor in all of the features this toy represents.

Age Range

According to its manufacturers, children three years and above is the age range for this this guitar. Boys and girls who are into music would surely love this very cute and handy musical instrument.  For parents and grandparents who are hoping to introduce children to music, then getting them this guitar would be a pretty wise move. Especially young girls who are crazy about Disney princesses would particularly want to have this guitar within their collection.

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Thumbs Up Points

This is a realistic looking replica of the guitar Elena is very frequently seen playing while she sings. Kids can enjoy story time fun playing music and singing songs similar to the way she does. They can choose the three musical selections that are in the TV programs: Ready to Rule, My Time, and The Magic Within.

Thumbs Down Points

This is a toy guitar and not an actual musical instrument. If parents are hoping their kids will learn to be a real musician, they would be better off spending more money and getting a real guitar instead of this replica.

Value in a Nutshell

We believe the Elena of Avalor Storytime Guitar is worth the price. It is an OK educational toy and it could stimulate kids into a greater appreciation for music.

Product Availability

This item is available online at as well as in selected Toys ”R” Us branches and in the store’s online shop plus other online stores that carry toys.

Final Thoughts 

If you are looking for a toy that would introduce your child to music then this is one of the good ones in the market.

Elena of Avalor Storytime Guitar

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