FurReal Friends Pax, My Poopin’ Pup Review

FurReal Friends Pax, My Poopin' PupIf you have a bit of a childish streak and you are one of us who admit that they still think that jokes about farts and poop are amusing, then you are going to be one of the fans of this funny toy pooping puppy.

When you unbox Pax, you will discover a cute, toy tan color puppy dog along with nine doggie treats, a leash, and of course, some toy poop and bags for cleaning up the fake mess.

You will need two triple-A batteries to make Pax do his doo, and it has been our experience that not all vendors include the batteries, so maybe you might want to pick some up just to be safe.

Price Details

The retail price tag with we last took a look was $24.99 but it is best to check online for the current price at stores such as Amazon.

Age Recommendations

Ages four and over is what Hasbro, who make Pax, recommend. This toy pooping pooch is most definitely not a good match for younger children as the fake poop pellets might become a choking hazard.

Four through eight in our opinion would be a good age range for this toy as older children would soon get bored with this one trick pony.

It is suitable for any girls or boys who like animals and pets.

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Thumbs Up Points

  • It poops and farts. Need anything else be said?
  • The noises Pax makes will make you and your kids laugh
  • There is actually some real value in this toy in that it teaches children about responsibility and looking after a dog and the environment. Saying that I think my little girl is more inclined to clear up little plastic poops than our real dogs, real world versions
  • We liked the leash which is firm and can be used to push the puppy along
  • The poops/treats are the sort of color you’d expect treats and poops to be

Thumbs Down Points

The main off-putting thing we see about this toy is how long before the little puppy treats start going missing. They are small and easy to misplace. This also could result in other treats being inserted into Pax that might not come out the other end resulting in a constipated Pax and maybe major surgery!

Should you lose all your treats it is probably worth contacting Hasbro to re-stock with replacements.

The toy can only be surface washed with a damp cloth or brush as it will not work if it gets wet so that could be an issue for some parents.

What Consumers Have to Say

My grand daughter has been bugging me for months to get this for her. She absolutely loves this little dog. My grandson cracks up watching her play with it.

This is a winner in my house. My 6 year old wanted a Baby Alive doll for Xmas and I put off getting it, not realizing that by the time I was ready to get one they would be sold out everywhere. I was secretly happy because I despise the mess created with the Baby Alive and having to purchase diapers for the doll. This puppy fixed all of those issues and still satisfied my daughter’s craving to have a doll that used the potty.

I thought it was going to be expensive but was pleasantly surprised at how inexpensive it was. It’s a cute toy.

Value in a Nutshell

We were actually surprised that it was so cheap, these type of toys are often highly priced but twenty five bucks is a good price to pay for this.

Product Availability

All the big online stores that stock toys will be selling this pooping dog. We have checked on Amazon and it is available there and you can read the so far very positive user reviews as well.

And in Conclusion…

Great fun value for those who like poop jokes especially, and kids will love it and moms, dads and grandparents will be secretly snickering as well. Older kids might get bored with it fairly quickly but younger kids will get a lot of creative play time out of it.

It’s competitively priced for what you receive, but please make sure that you keep tally of those little poops!

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