Geckobot Robot Lizard Review

GeckobotLots of folks who are reading this may have a real live gecko or two living in their house right now, or else you have seen one of these little green lizards when you were away on a vacation. Around the world there are more than 1,500 different kinds of Geckos, but this one is unique because it’s a robot and you or your kids can assemble one of these new educational toys.

Thames & Kosmos are renowned for their entertaining range of educational toys and Geckobot is one of the latest in their stable.  It comes in 176 parts that you assemble to create your very own Geckobot that can walk vertically up any smooth service from walls to windows.

The way this is done of through the utilization of a motorized, battery driven air suction system that makes the legs move the same as a real life Gecko’s would and the suction pumps enable it to stick to and let itself go from the surface with correct timing. It also looks surprisingly realistic with a tail that moves from side to side as it motivates along.

Pricing Info

You can now purchase Geckobot online at for $49.95.

Age Range

With a wide range of appeal, this is for kids of eight years and older. The product is quite similar to LEGO technics so if they enjoy putting together Lego sets this could have the same appeal. For kids who are interested in science and hands on experiments this would also be a good buy. For Children who appreciate nature or who are into creepy crawlies this would be a good alternative to bringing the real things into the house!

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Thumbs Up Points

We think that Geckobot is a great educational toy that can teach a child some basic practical science. It’s also recommendable that they can assemble it by themselves and in the box there is a fully illustrated manual that shows them how to put it together and the science behind it.

It also can be used to create an additional six models including a mechanical arm, a car, octopus, insect, window cleaning device and vacuum holder.

Thumbs Down Points

What is not to like about a robot lizard that walks up and down your walls? But it we had to say anyhing negative it would probably have to be that we would have liked it to be more gecko looking than robot looking but hey we are just trying to find fault here and there is nothing really wrong with it at all!

Value in a Nutshell

The Geckobot teamed with the right child is definitely going to be worth the money; they can have a lot of fun with it and learn some cool facts as well. If you child couldn’t care less about building things or Science then this might be a waste.

Product Availability

The Geckobot when introduced was a very hot selling item and it was out of stock when we checked a while ago, so we suggest checking online at Amazon so see it it is back available there as they are a trusted and competitively priced retailer.

And in Conclusion

This is something a bit different and will appeal to a lot of kids. The ability to build it and play with it and then modify it to make different models justifies the price tag.

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