DC Super Hero Girls Harley Quinn 12″ Action Doll Review

DC Super Hero Girls Harley Quinn 12" Action DollBack a generation ago it used to be that adults thought only boys were interested in superheroes while girls liked girlie stuff like Barbie. Not any more. We are in the age of enlightenment and we realize girls can be as interested in superheroes as boys can.

The new movie Suicide Squad introduced the character of Harley Quinn into the spotlight, albeit she has a relatively minor role.

Anyway, this action doll is a transformation of Harley Quinn into a younger version rather than a carbon copy of the movie role, so it is aimed at children of a younger age.

Pretty much of a mash-up of an action figure and a fashion doll we think that the DC Super Hero Harley Quinn Action Doll will be quite popular.

Pricing Info

Average price is in the $20 range  for this action figure.

Age Range

According to the manufacturer, the recommended age is six years and up.

This will be appealing for children who are old enough to like comic book characters like Batgirl or Supergirl. It will also appeal to kids who already have purchased dolls in this range or for collectors of all ages.

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What Consumers Are Saying

Very high ratings were found on the Amazon.com website, with an average rating score of 4.6 out of five stars when we last checked. Here are some excerpts…

My daughter really, really likes this doll, though I am not as impressed. I don’t like the shininess of the plastic.

Solidly made doll with articulation. Her legs are painted red and black and her hands are in a permanent clench to hold her weighty hammer but she is a nice doll.

I am a serious collector and I purchased this Harley Quinn at Walmart today for $20.00 and I have absolutely nothing but good things to say about this doll.

Thumbs Up Points

For anyone who is a collector of superhero toys and action figures this will make a nice collector’s piece to keep in its box as the packaging has a great design and adds value over time.

For people who enjoy playing with their dolls and action figures this one has plenty of articulation so you can pose the doll in different positions. The large size mallet that comes with the doll fits nicely into her hand. The doll also is able to stand up without needing a base to stand on. It looks great as well and is one of the more colorful in the range.

Thumbs Down Points

We felt that this was a solid quality doll and fit in well with the rest of the range. We did observe that one reviewer wasn’t too keen on her painted legs.

Value in a Nutshell

We believe that a price tag of $20 is reasonable for this figure, it is an appropriate size at 12 inches tall, it looks great and appears to be well made enough to justify the price.

If you don’t want to pay as much as $20 there is also a range of six  inch figures for half the price. They have exactly the same features of the larger figures.

Product Availability

Harley Quinn and the full range of other Super Hero Girls action figures are available online at Amazon. Other large retail stores and collector’s stores are likely to also stock it.

And in Conclusion

There are other action figures representing Harley Quinn that are oriented more towards adults than this one, which I’d feel fine buying for a younger child who likes this particular Super Hero.

There is sufficient creative play to be gained with this doll particularly if combined with others in the series. There is a free cartoon series that ties in with these dolls as well as game apps to play.  Any young super hero fan should appreciate one of these as a gift.

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