Lego Creator Volkswagen Beetle Review

Lego-Creator-Expert-Volkswagen-BeetleThe new The Lego Creator version of an iconic ’60s vintage VW Beetle is really more appropriate for adult collectors or teenagers than children. This Volkswagen Lego follows the hugely popular brick build Volkswagen van.

Get ready for several serious hours of Lego construction, as this set contains 1,167 pieces. When it is finally all together it will surely be an excellent show piece to be displayed proudly. But it is not just for looking at. There are plenty of various bits and pieces you can open, close and appreciate.  You could even go one further and build a whole beach style panoramic display around it.

Pricing Information

This Lego VW will set you back just about one hundred dollars. Well, it’s $99.99 to be precise.

Age Recommendation

Lego have rated it appropriate for ages sixteen and above, but from personal observation, we know boys and girls  of a younger age who cut their teeth while putting Lego sets together will be most likely able to build this set. This one of course isn’t just for the kids; grownups, especially those of us who actually drove one back in the day will also love building this classic VW with its surf vibe. Building these sets is also a fun activity for the whole family.

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Thumbs Up Points

The impressive attention to detail that has gone into this kit is what sold it for us. From the trunk of the car that opens up to reveal a tiny little four cylinder air cooled engine, to the  front and back seats that fully tilt. You can open the doors to see inside the car or remove the whole roof.

It comes with a lot of extra little touches like a removable cooler and surf board that you can put on the roof. It also has different number plates and a little beach towel. The hood of the car opens to reveal a spare tire, remember the beetle was designed back to front with the engine at the rear.

Thumbs Down Points

We believe this is an excellent value and terrific looking set. I think the only addition that could have been made to it would be a surf dude mini-figure and a bikinied beauty to go with it.

Value in a Nutshell

This is a large Lego set and it has so much detail that it certainly worth the hundred dollar price tag. Quiet often some of these Lego Sets become collectors items and rise in value so it might even become a good investment that appreciates over time, so be sure you keep the box and instructions.

Product Availability

Lego is for sale from many local stores but not necessarily this particular product. They also have their own online store or you can buy it from other trusted online retailers such as Amazon who also offer free shipping.

And in Conclusion

The expert toymakers at Lego should be proud of this release and any Lego afficianado will love this classic ’60s car. The VW beetle is an iconic auto and Lego have captured its appeal perfectly. Any teenager or adult who enjoys putting together kits or has an interest in classic cars will appreciate this as a present.

Lego Creator Volkswagen Beetle

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