Lego Duplo Big Construction Site Review

Lego Duplo Big Construction SiteIf there are two things just about all kids like to do they are building stuff and then knocking that stuff down. With this Lego set, they can do just that with a cool new truck, crane and bulldozer, plus a host of terrific extras.

The Duplo set pieces are appealingly colorful and just the right size for the little hands of preschool age children.

Pricing Information

You can expect to pay $49.99 for this Duplo Set and if you purchase it from then qualified shoppers can get free shipping.

Age Range

From two to five years is the recommended age range by Lego for their Duplo building toys. They are definitely created with younger children in mind, and we think that both boys and girls of 2-5 would enjoy the imaginative play benefits this construction (and destruction) product will deliver.

Thumbs Up Points

  • This is one large toy set, with 67 individual pieces from Duplo
  • The crane features a cabin that rotates around and a claw arm that works for picking up items such as bricks
  • There is a dumper truck that rides on a bulldozer with tracked wheels
  • You get three construction workers that are safely equipped with hard hats, as well as a wheelbarrow that works and traffic cones for more safety consciousness
  • There is an array of bricks for the crane to pick up and load on to the truck
  • There is plenty of repeat play, and kids that play well together can keep each other amused with this at the same time
  • For kids who already have other sets in the Duplo series, this new Lego offering will be perfectly compatible

Thumbs Down Points

As much as we strive for fairness and balance with our reviews, there are times when we like a toy so much, it is hard to say anything objective that we dislike. With this Duplo construction set, it could be problematic that with this large number of pieces – 67 of them – the youngest of kids could require assistance pitting it all together. Also, why are all the construction workers male. At least one of them should be female.

Value in a Nutshell

A great toy like this that is loaded with creative play value is well worth $50. Especially when you consider that it comes with three different machines to be built, not to mention all the extra figures and detailed features. Plus, Lego builds their Duplo products with lots of durability, so it ought to stand up to whatever rough treatment the kids will put it through.

Product Availability

Any online shopping sites that carry Lego sets will have this Duplo Big Construction Site, and we verified that has it for $49.99, and free shipping is offered to qualified customers.

Customer Reviews

This is such a new product that when we looked online to read consumer reviews, we could not find any. In general, however, you will find that Lego toys in general, and Duplo products in particular have been very highly regarded by folks who purchased them.

And in Conclusion

A three-in-one building set that is large in size and ruggedly durable, plus plenty of opportunities for playing creatively. This Lego product has it all. Children using it will learn to problem-solve while assembling the pieces, while honing their fine motor skills. All you need to add is some sand and a pail of water. But not in the house, please. They can also play outside with it just fine.

Lego Duplo Big Construction Site

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