Melissa and Doug’s Wooden Make-a-Cake Mixer Set

Melissa and Doug’s Make-a-Cake Mixer Set With all the tv shows on the air about baking, this toy cake mixing set just could be the perfect make-believe toy for a child who has developed an interest in cakes and baking. With this toy, you can fuel their dreams of baking in a real setting with sturdy wood and beautifully painted flourishes that are a callback to older times when things were almost always wooden!

 Pricing Info

It was priced at $24.99 at the time of this writing when we saw it for sale on the website.

 Age Range

This cake mixer set is aimed at kids, mostly due to the make believe setting that it promotes with the toys that come with it, but parents can play along, too! It has a cute little crank on the top which moves the mixer in the bowl with a speed dial on the side, and can be lifted up similar to a Kitchen Aid (but not nearly as pricey). The set also comes with a cracked wooden egg, a loaf tin and pound cake, a pound cake box, butter, a butter knife, and a recipe list.

Thumbs Up Poings

As it’s made of wood, it is certainly much more of a novelty than the dime a dozen plastic mixers you can find in stores. It is much more durable and can handle a child’s abuse if they decide to do some hardcore baking. Furthermore, the colors are gender neutral, which promotes a healthy idea beyond the case people often make that little girls are drawn to baking because kitchen items are typically feminine things.

Thumbs Down Points

The thing about these kitchen sets is oftentimes if you want more than just a specific kind of product (a mixer, an oven, different types of food) they have to be purchased individually from each other, which drives up the price if your child gets bored of what they already have; however, that’s standard fare and certainly isn’t limited to Melissa and Doug’s products, and will probably never be an exclusive fad.

Value In a Nutshell

Even if it is a singular set and a little high priced, well-made wooden products are very hard to come by and tell the consumer that it is something built to last and built with care in a world where cheaper production values equals more profit. In addition, the thing sells like hotcakes, so apparently it’s essentially a steal for how much they’re asking for it.

What Customers Are Saying

We only found one customer review so far, but it was a five-star one, saying; “my 3 year old daughter loves it! She loves her play kitchen and also helping me cook on my real kitchen.”

Product Availability

We recently found this for sale on line at, and it is also very likely widely accessible.

And In Conclusion

 Upon reading the listing of the site, the producers won’t have extra stock available until September of this year, which likely means the toys aren’t made in bulk, which further solidifies the quality that goes into these toys, and kind of explains the price point. They seem to pride themselves on making toys that children can set their minds free with, and this is certainly an excellent toy for the job.

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