Melissa and Doug’s Roll, Wrap and Slice Sushi Counter

Melissa and Doug's Roll, Wrap and Slice Sushi CounterThe latest in a range of food based sets from Melissa and Doug, their new Sushi Counter is the latest that previously have included sandwich making sets and a smaller sushi slicing play set.

There are 46 pieces in this toy product, including a counter for displaying and serving, a mat for rolling sushi, and a knife for chopping and slicing.

Children who are wannabe sushi chefs can make toy versions of maki rolls, temaki and nigiri, and then use the toy cleaver for chopping them into pieces.

Self-sticking tabs are a clever solution to getting the toy rolls to hold together. Also included are a wooden serving tray, a bowl for dipping, pretend wasabi and chopsticks, to make the pretend sushi experience complete. Topping it all off are a menu, and a sushi making instruction guide.


Pricing Information

$49.99 is the current retails price for Melissa and Doug’s sushi counter set.

Age Recommendation

Three years and older is the age recommendation from the manufacturer, and we doubt whether any kids older than six would get much benefit or educational play from the product.

There is not any gender differentiation, and girls and boys would equally appreciate the set.

Even if children have not had previous experience with Japanese food, we believe they will still learn and have fun playing with this set.

Especially if kids have other food toys from Melissa and Doug, this sushi set would be a good addition, albeit much more exotic.

Thumbs Up Features

Melissa and Doug’s toy products are traditionally quite durable and this one looks like it is also built to last.

When you combine the dexterity and motor skills needed to assemble the rolls as well as learning about the eating habits of other cultures, the educational benefits of this toy are considerable for learning while enjoying creative play.

Thumbs Down Features

We suspect there are some kids who would not be all that excited about pretending with cold fish and rice, but other than the boredom factor, this sushi set might be a good toy to calming overactive boys and girls down a bit with some quiet play.

Value in a Nutshell

When you compare this product with some of the other Melissa and Doug food sets this one is more pricey but it does come with 47 parts so it is a complex set.

Product Availability

When we checked, the Melissa and Doug website were sold out of this product, and it was not yet available online at, so we suggest you bookmark this web page now and return in a week or two to see if there have been any changes. as most toy product vendors online will likely to be stocking this toy sushi set, trusted retailers like Amazon are always the best places to look first and many of them have user reviews from customers.

And in Conclusion

Melissa and Doug’s Roll, Wrap and Slice Sushi Counter is the second wooden sushi toy from the company, so we figure this must mean the first one was popular.  We think playing with it could be fun for budding young sushi chefs who will get plenty of imaginative play from it.  Melissa and Doug have earned a solid reputation for delivering high quality wooden toys and this is a fine  addition to their range.

Melissa and Doug’s Roll, Wrap and Slice Sushi Counter

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