Monopoly Ultimate Banking Edition Review

Monopoly Ultimate BankingMonopoly seems like it has been around forever, but the classic real estate property game, based on Atlantic City New Jersey has actually been a favorite since only 1935.

But if you are used to the old, traditional Hasbro board game with paper money, you are not fully transitioned into the 21st century. No more paper bank notes. This new Monopoly game has updated to the modern, electronic banking era, based on the theory that speeding up the game and eliminating dollar bills would be more fun.

That was the theory, what happened more often than not, unfortunately, was that electronic banking was not as much fun and the “ATM” process actually slowed game play down. Well, this latest “ultimate” edition – to be precise –  Monopoly Ultimate Banking Edition features a new improved banking unit that has solved those pesky previous issues and truly does result in a much faster and more exciting game.

Pricing Details

A suggested retail price of $24.99 is the tag on this new edition of Monopoly, but when we checked most recently online, had it for a reduced price of $19.99 with free shipping available for qualifying customers.

Age Range

The suggested age age range listed by the manufacturers is eight to fifteen years old. Personally we would say eight and onwards as this is a fun game for the whole family from youngsters on up to the grandparents, who used to “Go to jail. Go directly to jail without passing Go” when they were kids.

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What Consumers Are Saying

There’s a bit of a learning curve at first but once you get the hang of it, there is a lot of fun to be had. The family gathered around for a day of board games and this was one of the new ones we tried. I like the fact that the bank keeps track of everything.

Each player is assigned a card and matching token, and once you start buying properties or paying rent to others the bank adds, subtracts, and keeps track of how much you’re worth and which properties you own. No more trying to calculate how much rent is owed or how much change to return.

For those who like the paper, this might not be their cup of tea but I would still suggest giving it a try.

Thumbs Up Points

New Monopoly’s updated banking unit organizes all of the transactions by means of a touch screen interface. The cardboard cars are bar coded so all you have to do is scan them. Not only does this speed up the game play, but it also makes it a lot harder to cheat.

Another very new feature is that the old Community Chest and Chance cards are gone and in their place are “Life Events.” No more winning second prize in a beauty contest, and more realistically no more bank errors in your favor. Life Events, for example, can cause property prices to change and other financial changes that change the course of the game. This is made possible with the new banking unit.

We would have been very disappointed if they had done away with the favorite “Go to Jail” feature, but even though so much of the traditional game has been updated, this one is still part of the thrill.

Thumbs Down Points

If you are a traditionalist, you will probably miss the little metal thimble and scottie dog tokens, not to mention the different colored dollar bills, but if you can get past those disappointments, you have to accept the need for Monopoly to keep up with the times and appeal to a new generation of players.

Value in a Nutshell

When you factor in the bar codes and ATM banking unit, you have to agree that the value for the money is very high indeed. Even sullen teenagers who thought the old fashioned game was for fuddy-duddies might like this new improved version with its up to date technology and contemporary styling design.

Product Availability

Currently, this new Monopoly game it is available at Amazon for $19.99 and other big online stores as well as board game and toy shops will surely also stock it.

And In Conclusion

From its 21st century “Life Event” cards to its ATM and bar code technology, Hasbro has got it right with the new Monopoly edition. It’s more fun and faster to play, and we believe the entire family will have hours of fun with it.

Monopoly Ultimate Banking Edition


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