Review of Razor Jetts Heel Wheels

Razor Jetts Heel Wheels ReviewRazor Jetts Heel Wheels let you experience the fun and excitement of skating without having to wear bulky skates. To use these heel wheels, all you need to do is to step up, strap down and to take off. With these heel wheels, you can transform any ordinary pair of sneakers into the hottest way to roll down the street. They come complete with attachable flints so they can make sparks while you roll. Would you like to see sparks shooting out of your feet while you zoom by? Then you need to get this product.

Pricing Information

You don’t need to spend a lot to start rolling with the Razor Jetts Heel Wheels. This is because a pair can go for as low as $32.61. You can even have them shipped directly at your doorstep for free.


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Age Range

Razor Jetts Heel Wheels are perfect for kids and adults alike who would like to experience the fun and thrill of skating. The makers of this product recommend that it be used by individuals who are at least 6 years of age for safety reasons. It is for anyone who is tired of bulky and heavy skates and heel wheels.

Thumbs Up Points

One of the best things about Razor Jetts Heel Wheels is its compact and lightweight design. You can take them almost anywhere. You can take them to the park. You can even take them while shopping in a mall. When you are not wearing them, you can just toss them inside the car or you can carry them with you. It is also very easy to put them on and off.

These are also more stable than other heel wheels available in the market. Other similar products are made only for small children. This one is something that even adults can wear confidently and comfortably. And because of its excellent design, the Razor Jetts Heel Wheels can also glide faster than other heel wheels in the market. Breaking with this heel wheels is also easier. It is something that will surely give your kid hours of fun.

Thumbs Down Points

If you are considering purchasing Razor Jetts Heel Wheels product because you have seen the commercial with the big sparks then you may get a little bit disappointed. While it does produce spark because of the attachable flint. The spark is not as big as that in the advertisement. I guess the manufacturers of the product may have exaggerated a bit when they made the commercial. Also, this not made for younger children. Manufacturers said that you should be 6 years old or older to use them but you should also consider the skill of your child when it comes to skating. You must also follow the usage guide to minimize risks.

What Consumers Have Said

amazing! My 10 year old grand daughter tried them and she glided along the sidewalk

The ability to leave them in the car at the grocery store but slip them on for a stroll down the street is a huge plus too

really easy to put on and take off

It really works muscles near the knee, your quads, and your glutes and can turn an ordinary walk fun

Average customer rating on Amazon when we checked was 3.6 out of five stars

Value in a Nutshell

At under $32, the Razor Jetts Heel Wheels is definitely worth the money. It is one of the most innovative and well-designed heel wheels in the market.

Product Availability

You can buy Razor Jetts Heel Wheels at authorized retailers and online stores such as Amazon.

And in Conclusion…

For someone who is searching for a way to spice up their commute or a new exciting way to go around, then they  should try the Razor Jetts Heel Wheels.

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