Trolls Hug Time Poppy Review

TROLLS HUG TIME POPPYThe 3D animated movie “Trolls” is slated for a November 4, 2016 release. It’s a musical comedy and the critics have reacted quite favorably to the movie trailer, saying they think children will really enjoy watching it.

As with most movies in the genre, you can expect a shopping cart full of merchandise to be tied in, and Poppy is sure to be the first of several. She is a troll princess who is the star of the picture. Poppy is quite the unusual heroine, who helps others by leading them to believe they are capable of doing great things.

The doll version of Poppy is dressed in a colorful blue and green dress, sporting pink skin, a wild hairdo and very bright eyes. Adorning her hair is an adorable green ribbon festooned with three blue flowers. Poppy does a dance, sings a song and gives a happy hug when she solves problems. She has nine friends and together they think hugging helps promote happiness and erase sadness.

To bring more happiness to children, Poppy gains a new life and is ready to reach the kids via Hug Time poppy doll. The Hug time poppy doll is available with a hug time bracelet. Both the kids and the doll can wear the matching bracelets. The hug time bracelet permits kids and the doll to communicate with each other. When the doll is switched on Poppy’s hair and the bracelet will light based upon the beat of the music. When the doll’s tummy is pressed, she dances and sings. The Poppy doll set comes complete with fuzzy flair material, styling tool and wigs. Kids can create stylish hair styles for their Poppy doll.

Price Indormation

The Trolls hug time Poppy is set to sell for a retail price of $49.99

Age Range

Children four years and over are expected to be the group this will appeal to, especially girls. Once the youngsters have seen the movie they are likely to want this toy as a gift.

Watch the video of the movie trailer

Thumbs Up Points

  • Poppy has a soft and plush body
  • Her crazy hair will be attractive to kids and they will love to dress the hair of their Poppy with different and stylish hairdos
  • The dolls are quite large in size and therefore good for kids to hug
  • The hug time bracelets will make this an interactive experience
  • The singing and dancing are quite entertaining

Thumbs Down Points

  • Bigger is not necessarily better. Poppy doll might be too large for smaller kids to maneuver
  • Her strange looks could actually be frightening to more sensitive children

Value in a Nutshell

This really depends on how much a child enjoys the movie. If they are a big fan of the Trolls film, most likely they will be a big fan of the Poppy doll. If the picture leaves them cold, then there are a lot of other plush dolls with a lower price point.

Product Availability

This is a major motion picture for the Dreamworks company, who are masters in merchandising, so expect Poppy the troll to be available everywhere, including online at

And in Conclusion

Combining the positive role model nature of the Poppy character with the unique interactive bracelet makes this doll in category all her own. If your girl or boy like the movie, they surely will appreciate receiving this toy as a present.

Trolls Hug Time Poppy Doll

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