Review of Chip Canine Home Intelligent Pet from WowWee

WowWee Chip robotic dogYes, there have been lots of robot dog toys, and maybe you even got one and it was interesting for just a short time but by the time the holiday season was over, they were long forgotten on the back of a shelf somewhere.

But that was then and this is 2016, an era that has seen amazing breakthroughs in terms of artificial intelligence and robotics. So get ready for some high tech toys like you have never seen before.

Introducing “Chip” from WowWee. They call him an “Intelligence” pet, and in reality, this interactive robotic pooch may not be a real live puppy, but he does come so close that you might find yourself red in the face that you have grown emotionally attached to fake fido.

Included with Chip are a Smartband, Smartbed and SmartBall – see details about these further down the page…

Pricing Info

Chip is slated to be released and on sale August 31st for a retail price of $199.00


Age Range

Kids aged 6 – 15 years is what Wowee recommends for this robotic dog. Older children and even adults will probably also find that is has some appeal for them, especially those who have an attachment for robotics and AI. Even younger children are sure to love it – however we would suggest that they play under supervision unless you are on an unlimited budget and wouldn’t mind seeing two hundred bucks worth of high tech robot destroyed.

Thumbs Up Points

Because Chip has such a huge amount of functionality and features, we can only just mention the tip of the iceberg here.

If you recall all those clumsy robotic dogs of times gone by that had legs that could hardly move, then you’ll appreciate the fact that Chip rolls around on wheels, which allow Chip to navigate with speed, agility and multi direction. This means he can play games with his ball and follow you around easily.

As mentioned above, Chips comes with his SmartBed that serves as somewhere for him to sleep and charge when his battery is low he will return to his bed to recharge automatically.

Chip also comes complete with a SmartBall, and you can train him to fetch the ball and bring it back to you or you can play soccer with him. This is a great way of working with a tech toy to keep your children active.

You need to use the SmartBand to control Chip, who will recognize you as his master and no one else as his owner. There are lots of interactive functions and actions that can be carried out between you, Chip and the SmartBand.

This is one of the unique features of this product in that you can reward Chip for good behavior and he will know what you like or don’t like. Remarkably, this makes him unique to each owner. Like a real dog you can train Chip to come to heel or stay. Believe it or not, you can even get him to attack people who are pestering you. Lucky for them that he can’t actually bite!

The manufacturer promises regular upgrades, so Chip will provide a better user experience with more features and improvements as time passes.

It is covered by a 90 day warranty.


Thumbs Down Points

So far so good, and until such a time as there may be online consumer reviews online it is hard to really discuss any negatives.

Chip is an indoor robotic toy, so if you were thinking about taking him for walks around the neighborhood you could be in for a bit of a disappointment.

Value in a Nutshell

There is no doubt that $200 is a significant chunk of change to shell out for one a toy, but we believe Chip is sure to have a lot of use and will be constantly updated through its app with more features so children shouldn’t grow bored with it.


Product Availability

Amazon is taking pre-orders now and it will officially be released on August 31st 2016.

Pre-Order Chip Here


And In Conclusion…

Although there is no replacement for a real live puppy, they can be smelly and noisy, unlike Chip that truly is the closest thing yet. As interactive toys with Artificial Intelligence go, Chip is at the top of his Obedience School class!


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