The XPV Marvel RC Rollover Rumbler

XPV Marvel Avengers RC Rollover RumblerThe new Marvel’s Captain America film, Civil War, has inspired a remarkable and new remote control toy car. The XPV Marvel RC Rollover Rumbler was greatly designed by one of the foremost manufacturers of children’s toys, JAKKS Pacific, to make certain that children don’t get in the quandary of needing to decide from between their two favorite super heroes.

Pricing Info

When we checked online at Amazon, we found the  XPV Marvel RC Rollover Rumbler currently priced at $25.84.

Age Range

The age range recommended for this R/C vehicle is for kids who are four years and above and in particular those  who are into super hero movies. With the double sided feature of this vehicle, they have the option to choose team Iron Man or Captain America and experience twice the driving action. It is perfect for spins, flips, and jumps for non-stop excitement.

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Thumbs Up Points

For any kids who really enjoy driving remote control cars at speeds that super heroes would perform, this is a great vehicle. It is quite literary divided just like the divided principle of the movie it encompasses. One of the things that make it an awesome vehicle is the multi-function remote control which lets you flip the vehicle over and drive it on either side for increased fun. This also keeps the vehicle going even if it gets knocked over as it will automatically adjust itself to stay on that side or just fully flip over. With this children don’t have to put their playtime on hold so that they can put it back right up when it gets knocked over. With the 2.4 GHz remote control, kids are able to maneuver the vehicle in many variations using the hinged back wheels.

Making this new toy even more awesome is the fact that it is suitable for indoor and also outdoor use. When on hard surfaces such as concrete or low carpet pile, it can accelerate up to a top speed of 7 miles per hour and you can quickly turn it to do incredible stunts like the 2-wheeled spins and barrel rolls. You can also drive it off ramps to do other amazing jumps. One of the things that you will really like about this R/C is how smooth the turns are.

Thumbs Down Points

The one negative characteristic we found with this vehicle is its small parts which creates a choking hazard to children under the age of three years. This makes it recommendable to only children above four years.

Value in a Nutshell

When you take into account the multitude of features and all the fun that this R/C comes with, the price is very reasonable.

Product Availability

Since it was first introduced, the XPV Marvel RC Rollover Rumbler has been available at all major retailers and online stores including Amazon.

And in Conclusion

When push comes to shove, the XPV Marvel RC Rollover Rumbler is a great children’s vehicle that brings more excitement to all children above four years. It is ideal for indoor and outdoor use, accelerate to a top speed, perform incredible stunts, and do crazy jumps off ramps. With all the amazing features and fun that it comes with it should be a great gift to select for any Marvel Superheroes fan.

XPV Marvel RC Rollover Rumbler

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