Zoomer Chimp Review

Zoomer Robot ChimpYou do not require a fortune teller to foresee that one of the most popular Christmas toys for 2016 will be Zoomer’s robotic chimpanzee. Zoomer came out with a dinosaur robot last year which earned the Toy of the Year honors, and we would not be at all surprised if they repeat with this chimp.

Zoomer has also had popular kittens and dogs as well as the Dino, but when you see all the features and functions of this new chimp. you will see how they have truly over-delivered.

It was released into the market so recently that there were not even any reviews posted online that we were able to find until just recently, which we have added beloe, but when you watch the video and the manufacturer’s details, you can see just how much effort has gone into this high-tech chimp robot.

If you appreciate horrible puns, then you will think the packaging is funny, as on the box it says that the Zoomer robot Chimp will be your “Prime Mate.” Well, we warned you that it was a horrible pun.  This clever little robotic creature can perform more than 100 different tricks, and it can respond to ten different voice commands. It dances, it farts, and its eyes not only light up but they also change color depending on what its mood happens to be at the time.

Pricing Information

The Zoomer Chimp robot toy has a list price of $119.99, but we saw it recently listed on Amazon.com for $99.99 with free shipping available to qualified customers.

Age Range

Ages five and over is what Zoomer recommends as an appropriate market for this Chimp, but we know senior citizens who wouldn’t mind owning one. But seriously, it is a bit of a precision machine, and youngsters under five could probably damage the workings. Certainly any girl or boy who was a fan of the Dino robot would want one, and most likely that would be the five to 12 range.

Watch the video

Thumbs Up Points

With his articulated body and animated face, this robot toy from Zoomer really does seem to have a genuine personality. The main thing we liked about this robot toy was that it has a real personality. He acts crazy, laughs, farts, dances around in general acts like a youthful  chimpanzee would probably behave.

His movements are quite lifelike. For example, he can move to a standing from a sitting position most realistically.

Thumbs Down Points

This is not an educational toy, and boys and girls who play with it are not going to learn about real chimp behavior in the wild, although I suppose it might stimulate their interest in wanting to know more about primate studies.

What Customers Are Saying

My kids really enjoyed the Zoomer-Chimp. This is their first robotic pet and they were so excited they totally exploded through the box to get to it. First off you notice the face is made of a life like rubbery material and the mouth articulates so you can see its pearly whites when it talks–so cool.

My only complaint was the packaging as I always open stuff from the top and this item needed to be opened from the bottom. But nothing to rate to item lower with. This will surely be on a lot of kid’s Xmas list this year.

All in all, we have found it to be an interesting and technologically advanced toy that is based on interactive play patterns. So far we’ve explored all of the different modes and find that voice command mode tends to be the most fun.

Value in a Nutshell

Zoomer robot Chimp, priced at around the $100 range, is not a bad value when you take into account all of the different features it has and the things it can do. Children could even grow attached to his personality. An excellent feature is that the more kids interact with it, the more new responses it will demonstrate. So we believe it will get played with a lot, unlike some dud gifts that end up forgotten in the back of a dusty closet shelf.

And in Conclusion

It would have been easy for Zoomer to rest on their laurels and skate along on the coattails of their successful Dino toy, but instead they have raised the bar and then sailed high over it with this robot chimp. This little fuzzy-faced fellow has earned a spot on the top of our list of favorite Christmas toy ideas for 2016.

Zoomer Robot Chimp

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